FranklinFest 2016 Line Up

Yeeeahh…..The FranklinFest 2016 line up

If you missed this fabulous weekend featuring Les Grys-Grys, The Courettes, The Gastronauts, The Brutes, The No-Things, Fanny Pelmet & The Bastard Suits, The Fnords, Geek Maggot Bingo, The Nettles, Oh! Gunquit, The Embrooks, The Jezebels, The Mindreaders, The Sine Waves, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, The Reverse Cowgirls and Rosco AKA Sterling Roswell.

Read a great review about Friday Evening & Saturday Afternoon or what happened on Saturday afternoon on the Muso’s Guide website.


Or take a look at what you missed thanks to The Archivist Of London: Steven Tagg-Randall and his excellent footage.