FranklinFest 2017

Franklin Fest 2017

We had a blast….viddy the warbles…

Chrome Reverse

…..straight to the jugular Rock’n’Roll from Paris.>>>>

The Mourning After

Garage punk straight from the grave>>>>>

Los Coyote Men

Masked up and outta sight>>>>

Electrophonic Tonic

Revved up high-octane Motor City five piece>>>>

Nervous Twitch

N-N-N-N-Nervous Pop-Garage-Punk >>>

Professor Baba & his Invisible Band

Supernatural Specialist in the Healing Power of Black-Magic Rock’n’Roll>>>

Das Clamps

Clamped…but not cramped Cramps covers>>>


Tickets are now on sale for FranklinFest 2017 at Tickets Scotland and at Elvis Shakepeare.

Prices are £15.00 for Friday night and £15.00 for Saturday night and there will be an entry charge for Thursday night or get a weekend ticket for £30.00 for entry to all events.