FranklinFest 2017

Franklin Fest 2017

Most of the line up for FranklinFest2017 is now confirmed. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for further info!

Chrome Reverse

…..straight to the jugular Rock’n’Roll from Paris.>>>>

The Mourning After

Garage punk straight from the grave>>>>>

Los Coyote Men

Masked up and outta sight>>>>

Electrophonic Tonic

Revved up high-octane Motor City five piece>>>>

Nervous Twitch

N-N-N-N-Nervous Pop-Garage-Punk >>>

Professor Baba & his Invisible Band

Supernatural Specialist in the Healing Power of Black-Magic Rock’n’Roll>>>

Das Clamps

Clamped…but not cramped Cramps covers>>>


Tickets are now on sale for FranklinFest 2017 at Tickets Scotland and at Elvis Shakepeare.

Prices are £15.00 for Friday night and £15.00 for Saturday night and there will be an entry charge for Thursday night or get a weekend ticket for £30.00 for entry to all events.