Our 2015 Lineup

We enjoyed fine start to the very first Edinburgh Festival of Garage-Beat… FranklinFest 2015…atThe Safari Lounge and couple of great afternoon and evenings at the ‘little green hut’ on Leith Links.

FranklinFest 2015 was honoured by the appearance of these fine bands.

The Masonics, The Wildebeests, The Shook Ups, The Thanes, Sally Skull, Hipbone Slim, The Baron 4, The No-Things, Lord Rochester, The Ferriday Fireballs, The Creeping Ivies, The Bucky Rage, The Reverse Cowgirls and Logan’s Close.

Check out some superb live performances at FranklinFest 2015 as it was superbly filmed by The Archivist Of London: Steven Tagg-Randall.